Friday, June 29, 2007

He's outta here revised!

The travel agent had some new tickets open up today so now Don is leaving on Monday. It is much better for Don since he would have been in country for over a day before Alex came to Almaty. Now he lands in Almaty at 1:45pm our time on the 3rd and only has to wait a little while before seeing Alex.

He's outta here!

Don is leaving on Sunday to begin the long trek back to get Alex! He is leaving from JFK and will layover in London. After arriving the morning of the 3rd, Don will sleep the day away before meeting Alex's train at 6:30 am on the 4th (that's 8:30 pm on the 3rd out time). After a medical and embassy apoointment, father and son will leave on the 8th and due to time changes, they will arrive home on the 8th as well. Say a prayer that the trip is uneventful and that Don and Alex will get home no worse for the wear.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

We made it!

After lots of delays on the road, and a trip to Dick's for Zach's Heelies, we are finally home. Thanks to you all for your love and support, we totally appreciate it.