Tuesday, January 13, 2009

December and Disney 1 of 3

How times flies! December came and went with a lot of activity and holiday cheer. Zachary sang in his holiday school concert and did a wonderful job. He even had a drum solo in one of the songs and beamed from ear to ear when it was over; Zachary made us keep it a secret so that all of his grandparents could be surprised.
We had our usual holiday craziness, hopping from house to house and trying to get it all done before Santa came. The boys had a wonderful Christmas and Alex really got the present thing this year. They both tore into their gifts and were very excited to see that their last gift from us was a trip to Disney (well Zach understood that, maybe not Alex yet). We left the day after Christmas and had a wonderful time. They both had their favorite parks but we all think that New Year's Eve was the best. All in all it was a great trip (as long as you take out the drive home;). Now we begin 2009 with the hope that the year brings us all good health, fun times, and much love. Happy New Year!

December and Disney 2 of 3

December and Disney 3 of 3