Thursday, May 31, 2007

We're leaving on a jet plane....

It's only fitting that we name our last Karaganda post the same as how we started the trip. We had our morning visit with Alex and it was a short but good one. After walking in his outer room, we learned that he and the rest of his posse were still asleep. We all went to peek in on Alex, and after a few minutes we went back to the playroom to wait. After he got up, I fed him (he spit up on me three times after that feeding) and we went to the playroom. It was a quiet visit, and Alex seemed content to get lots of loving. We are leaving at 7:30 tonight to fly to Almaty and will not be in communication until we're home. We hope you enjoyed the blog, and we'll see you on your side of the ocean soon.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Zachary and his new friend Olga

Alexander looking ahead to a bright future with his new family

All together now--NEIGHHHH!!

The Tea Party--do I see the Mad Hatter?

Where it all happened--the courtroom

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to home we go

We enjoyed our last full night in Karaganda. Olga came with us to dinner, and tomorrow we say goodbye to Alex and begin the long trek home. The caretakers got their gift this afternoon, and were very appreciative. We tried to express thank you to them as well for all of the love they have given to Alex these last nine months. We be, gan packing, and have it under control. It will be even better after we get ready tomorrow morning and can pack even more. Tomorrow afternoon will be our last email/communication with family until we get home on Saturday. We will update the blog when we are at home. Pah-kah!

We are parents... again!

We went to court this morning, and it went well. Zach was with us for part of the appointment, and Pops was even called in to answer a few questions. The judge was very funny and kept cracking jokes to others. They were very touched that Pops was willing to come so far to be here for Zachary and the rest of us. After a favorable determination in court, we went to the orphanage for a celebration with Beth and Phil, the director, the doctors, Larissa and Olga. We had smoked meat, cheeses, bread, juices and tea. There was even a cake from Assorti to celebrate the occasion. The director and doctor were so happy to spend time with Zach, and we gave out them gifts to show our appreciation. Larissa commented on what nice and easy families we were, and that they hope our new children grow up to be just like Zachary. The biggest shocker was Zachary who entered the NEEEIIIIGGGGGHHH club with Don and James. (Mrs. Bonesteel, don't tell the other kids please; Zachary is afraid that Sierra will be mad at him for eating horse). He ate eight pieces of it, and was sad when they took it away. It was all I had not to gag when he ate it ON MY LAP! We will blog again tonight and send pics. Bye!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm a big boy!!

Alexander the Adorable

Alexander out for a Spin

Shell Bell and Big Al

Zachary at the restaurant Assorti

Court tomorrow!

Today was a busy day. We all went to see Alex in the morning. Everyone had a great time visiting with him, and we are all sad that he’ll be staying behind when we go home. His legs are getting stronger every day, and I would be shocked if he didn’t have teeth when he comes home to us. Pops and Zach stayed back to do schoolwork today while Don and I had our second visit with Alex. He was his usual cheery self, though we forgot to bring the diapers so he looked like an Oompah Loompah with the usual towel for a diaper. After our visit Olga took us to the notary, and we waited for 45 minutes in the car until it was our turn. We signed our life away and then went to Assorti to dinner with Pops and Zach. Tomorrow is court, so say a prayer that it goes well. Love to you all, and enjoy a hamburger for us!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Hey--they found a statue of Dad!!

Have I mentioned how cute I am?

Leaving the Ministry--Oh look, there's Olga on the left

Zach's Star Wars Creation

The boys with their caregiver

A successful day!

We had a successful trip to the ministry and the mall! Larissa recommended that all of us go, so Pops and Zach took a trip with us to the Ministry of Education. We went into a large office, and four people asked us questions about our lives, specifically Zach for about 10 minutes. Even Pops and Zach were asked questions. We were a tad bit nervous before hand because Larissa said that the press would be there. They want to do an article on America and international adoption. Thankfully they didn’t show up or if they did we didn’t know about it. The last thing we want is a picture of us in the paper; that would not really help us to blend in. We also bought the rest of Alex’s clothes and just have to get the diapers tomorrow. It looks like Pops and Zach are also going to court with us, which has Zach kind of freaked out. Now it’s really under the wire, so have a cold one on us (but not if you’re driving or under 21).

The end is near

We got our schedule for the next few days and are we going to be busy! Larissa will be here later to take some of the gifts we bought, and then we are off to the Ministry of Education to answer some questions. There will be no afteroon visit with Alex due to the appointment so we will shop for the rest of things we need for his trip to Almaty. Tomorrow we meet Larissa to go to the notary and have our usual two visits with our boy. Olga will be coming out to dinner with us on Tuesday night. We are happy to say thank you for all she has done for us. On Wednesay we go to court at 9am and then to the orphanage for a party with the doctors. We can get a little time in with Alex in the morning and then have our normal afternoon visit as well. Thursday we go see Alex twice and then we leave for the airport at 7:30. Whew! I am tired already.
Say a prayer it all goes smoothly, we are so close we can taste it.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lipstick Kisses from Aunt TT for her boy

Shopping for Aunt TT's gifts, I mean Baby Alex's

The Firetruck, of course!!

The Mother Ship--The Firehouse

Zach found the mother ship!

Today we shopped until we dropped (literally, we just got up from a nap). We got Alex clothes for when he will be escorted to Almaty later in the month, and little Kazak goodies for the boys. It was hysterical watching us try to estimate his current size, when nothing he wears ever has a tag on it. Dad pantomimed to the clerk, and we found most of what we needed.
Finding traditional Kazak items is not as easy now as it was when we were here for Zach. We have done a lot of searching and we definitely walked a few miles today looking for just the right thing. The stores we went to today we have been at before so I'm sure they loved seeing us again, knowing that we would be spending more money.
Before we did all that however, we found the local firehouse and Zach was in love. The trucks are at least 50 years old and the equipment was just as out of date. Their ladder truck was a tow truck with a ladder welded on. Boy you guys in Waterford are lucky to have the equipment that you do. Have a great day, and have a nice hot pizza and wings on us!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Just Awesome!!

Laundry Day

Zach;s Favorite Truck

Double Trouble

Dad's 1st Time Feeding Me

It's laundry day!

Yesterday the cleaning lady washed all of our sheets, and Don washed every towel. In theory that sounds good, but now we have all it hanging off of the drying rack as well as every door (and we have a lot of them). They did not dry as quickly as we had hoped, so we had some pretty small towels this morning to dry off with. I love my husbandJ
Everyone had great visit with Alex today, and got some pictures of him with his caregivers. Don also fed Alex for the first time and for a man who loves to give me advice, he was pretty slow himself. Alex crawled everywhere today, and when he got tired he got on his back and waved his legs like a beached turtle. He had shoes on for the first time, and they lasted for all of 10 minutes before Alex got them off of his little tootsies. Have a great day, and have some mini hot dogs on us!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Zach and Anatoli

Hots dogs and pierogies

Here we are! We really, where else would we be:) We had a great visit with Alex today. He laughed for about 5 minutes when I changed him. He is such a happy baby, and rarely cries at all. When Alex does whine he now comes to us to pick up, so he definitely is bonding with us. We go to court next Wednesday at 9 am so say a little prayer that things go smoothly for us. We did send Don out at dinner time for a roast chicken, and he can back with hot dogs and pierogies. How it got lost in the tanslation (oh that's right there was not translation) I'll never know. Zach enjoyed some time ouside today with Pops jump roping, and we are now enjoying our last Friday night in Karaganda. Have a great day, and have a pice of cake on us!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A spit free day!

I cannot believe I’m saying this, but we had a spit free day with Alex. Not one spit up, it was pure heaven. He was so excited to see us when we went into his room this morning that he giggled and smiled for about 10 minutes. One of Alex’s caregivers looked at me and in her own way asked it Zach was from the orphanage as well. When I said yes, she got so excited and kept touching his head and repeating his birthname. She was Zachary’s caregiver as well! We are going to sit down with her and Olga so we can talk more about the boys. Alex was very mobile this morning, and Zach kept him laughing. It was a really nice day with the boys.
For dinner we went to Assorti with Beth and Phil and had a nice time. There was a woman there who spoke English, and she helped us pick out the food. Don even had a piece of cheesecake!
Soon we will be leaving so I’m beginning to make my infamous lists to see what I need to get Alex before we go. We need to keep him the diaper style that he has become accustomed toJ Have a great day, and enjoy some Dunkin Donut’s coffee for us (I know I already mentioned that one, but I really miss it)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Anatoli's got new wheels!

Our drive Anatoli showed up this morning to get us with a new to him car. We got in and he was beaming, saying, “New car! New car!” I will have Mom post a picture of Anatoli when I get a chance. He has been very nice to Zach. Every time we see the driver Zachary says hello and goodbye in Russian. Anatoli laughs and says it back. Today Zach drew a picture for him and he seemed very appreciative, which Zach of course ate up.
It was Wednesday night so of course we had to go bowling! It was a little painful getting the shoes, and they gave Zach slippers to use. We were all horrible but had a great time getting out of the apartment.
Alex was great as usual. Besides the spit up that Dad mentioned earlier, it was a great visit. He was up on his feet a lot, and army crawled every time he saw Zach building something with the blocks. All too soon it was time to bring him back, and had an even better visit in the afternoon. He was very cuddly, and we all lapped it up. Zach even gave him pony rides around the room.
Tomorrow there are 9 days left, and while we are happy, we are so sad to leave Alex, even though it’s only for a short time. He does have some wonderful caregivers, so we know he will be well taken care of.
Have a great day, and please enjoy an eight pack of chicken nuggets on us(you can guess who thought of that one).