Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Vacation and Alex turning 2!

Boy am I behind! We went to Mystic, CT with my parents, Kristen, and her family a couple of weeks ago. The kids had a wonderful time, with the ocean being the highlight. Zach boogie boarded, Alex enjoyed the waves, and girls loved paying in the sand and finding shells. We went to the Seaport and besides looking for jellyfish all day, Zachary was in a play and hammed it for all to see. The aquarium was great; the kids touched sting rays and millipedes, fed birds from their hands, and Alex kept saying,"ish" every time we saw something in water, which was all day. Of course the kids sucked us into all kinds of shopping, which made the all of our pockets a little lighter (Nana and Papa's especially). Alex also found his inner two year old (a week early mind you) and began having tantrums which made for very happy parents;) Overall we had a wonderful time and were very sad to go home.
The day after we got home Alex officially entered the terrible twos. He is such a big boy now, and my baby is not so much a baby anymore. It has been such a joy to see him grow and change over the last year. The bottles are gone, Alex feeds himself (for the most part), and potty training is imminent. Let me tell you, I cling to the bedtime routine with all of our cuddling. I will not let go that easily!
Pics to come!