Thursday, July 19, 2007

Settling in

After a couple nights of great sleep, Alex went on a bit of a strike. The 3am wake up call was a little rough, but he is on a much better schedule now. Alex is the same smiley baby that we fell in love with in Karaganda. He is babbling all the time, and is pulling himself up constantly. We definitely will be seeing him walk soon.

Spitting up also seems to be Alex's favorite thing to do, so we've changed his feeding schedule to see if the reflux improves. Luckily the spitting up doesn't bother him, but we still want to make sure he puts on weight. The doctor did find a hernia so we will be meeting with the pediatric surgeon to see when it needs to be taken care of. The doctor is very pleased with how Alex is doing, and feels that he's right where he needs to be.

Zachary is turning out to be a super big brother. He loves to pick Alex up and talks to him in the cutest voice. Zachary is willingly sharing his tv time and even gave Alex a Star Wars figure to play with (that is true love to Zach). I have been trying to convince him to go out with me for some one on one time but he doesn't want to leave his little brother.

Have a good weekend!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Alex is home! Corey pulled in with my boys this afternoon and we had a wonderful reunion. However I do know how celebrities feel in regards to the papperazzi:) Alex was great and kept up with all of the commotion. He looks great, though even my Irish skin looks tan next to him! After everyone left he had a bottle and fell asleep fairly well. Let's see if it lasts all night, but we'll take it as it comes. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Alex's homecoming, we are touched that you wanted to share such a special day with us.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Sunday's the day!

Don and Alex will be coming home Sunday afternoon! They had a great embassy appointment and the wait begins for their departure. Everyone is doing well, Don is just chomping at the bit to get going. Pray for a sleepy ride:)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

They found the mother ship!

Dunkin Donuts! Though it doesn't taste the same, Don was in heaven. Alex slept well last night and seems to like the formula and baby food that I packed for Don. You can hear in his voice that Don is enjoying himself with Alex, and is getting lots of cuddle time in. Alex is crawling everywhere, and smiled when Zach talked to him on the phone. They are all hanging out, waiting until their embassy appointment tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed that it goes well.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Don has our boy!

Don called! Everyone is great, just a little tired. Don was reunited with a sleeping Alex at 1:00 am, and our baby boy had a great night sleep. When he called, Lola had just left with paperwork to be filed at the embassy, and Don was getting ready to feed Alex a snack. Alex is crawling all over the place, but still no teeth in sight. He didn't make a peep when Don put him on the phone, but boy did he yell when Don finished feeding him:) Don seems much more relaxed now, and I dare say happy. Their embassy appointment is on Friday afternoon and we should know that night if they can come home a day early. :)

He's finally on his way!

I spoke to Don a few times yesterday and he was doing well. He has determined that German food is not for him, but the beer was not so bad (especially under the circumstances). I was his wake up call this morning (his not ours) and Lufthansa shows that his plane is in the air and ahead of schedule. He should be in Almaty by 2pm our time and hopefully will be with Alex by 3:30pm. I don't expect to hear from him today as it will be 1am his time before he gets to the apartment. Happy 4th of July!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

When it rains it pours!

Zachary's adoption was so easy that I guess we were due for a rough haul from beginning to end with Alex's. Don's flight was delayed three hours in JFK so he missed his connecting flight in Frankfurt. On top of that, the airline lost his luggage. The airline shuttled him to a hotel and he got a hot meal and is hopefully now sleeping for a while. In the meantime I have logged in countless hours with the airline, agency and pretty much anyone I could get information from. Don will leave Germany around 7:05 am our time on the 4th and should be in Almaty in the afternoon. Arrangements have been made regarding childcare for Alex until Don gets there. Hopefully this should not delay the appointment or them getting home. Please say a prayer for them, I think they could use all they can get.