Monday, January 14, 2008

He has chosen....

Just so you know that my youngest is not a front runner (I say my because Don does not agree with Alex's decision). He has made the very important and life shaping choice...... of football teams. Yes, my son is a Giants fan (both actually). Don is a very lonely and sad man today. GO GIANTS!!!!!!!

Pictures from Hershey

Christmas and Beyond

It was a wonderful and crazy Christmas at the Baldwins. Alex had a great first Christmas and Zach loved to tell him all of the things that we do as a family during the holiday season. Alex is too small to truly understand but he did get caught up in the excitement. Zachary's Santa list seemed to grow by the day and soon it was Christmas Eve.

The boys had a great Christmas Eve spending time with both families. Alex was pretty overwhelmed when it came time to open presents so Zach stepped up and helped his little brother out. Christmas morning came and we had to wake Alex up. He was relaxed but seemed pretty surprised to see his grandparents at his house. The boys had a great time opening their presents and we enjoyed a breakfast to celebrate Alex's first Christmas with his family. We spent the day with our families and had a ball seeing the boys play with their new toys.

Two days after Christmas we went to Hershey, PA for a mini vacation. The boys loved the pool and we spent our time at amusement parks beautifully lit up with Christmas lights, eating chocolate at Hershey Chocolate World, and enjoying (and shopping) in Amish country. We even saw a calf being born, boy was that an interesting conversation with Zach. Zach became a temporary worker for Hershey and searched high and low for the perfect vacation toy (like he didn't get enough already).