Sunday, December 07, 2008

Fa la la la la........

The fall got away from us and we are now gearing up for winter. The last couple of months have been busy and packed full of fun, craziness, and stress. Zachary and I went with my parents, Kristen, Kara, and my uncle's family to New York City for a day in November to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary (You go Barb and Ken!!!!!!!). We had a ball and everyone loved the Radio City Christmas show. Everyone came home exhausted but happy (especially the kids since we went to Toys-R-Us). Zachary and Alex continue to grow as brothers and their play constantly leaves us in stitches. Zachary loves to play military and he now has Alex doing it as well. Big bro taught little bro how to army crawl and take cover before shooting the enemy. I don't quite know how I feel about that, but they are wonderful to watch together.
Alex is old enough to understand that the holiday season is something "different" and he walks around the house saying,"ho ho ho", and,"la la la la la", which make us all join in. Alex's language continues to grow and change as he strings words together, and you can see how proud he is as he talks and is understood by others.
Zachary had his first report card and did wonderful. His teacher is very pleased with his progress, though he is chatty (just like me unfortunately). He is looking forward to Christmas, making lists, pleading for gifts, and decorating our tree while singing his favorite tunes.
We have determined that Alex is our dare devil. In September he got stitches, and in November he went to the ER after hitting his head on a wooden Thomas house. He definitely keeps us on our toes and we are thankful that Zachary is not quite as adventurous (though he did seem a little put out that Alex got stitches before he did).
As we move through December, we wish all of you a safe and happy holiday.