Sunday, August 02, 2009

Two questions: Who's three??????? and Was Emily that bored???????

No, Emily was just that exhausted. My sweet niece was an active participant in Alex's birthday party and just couldn't party any more.
My baby turned three today! It doesn't seem possible that Alex is so big, and growing into a little man. Alex is his own person, and he has such a big personality. Whatever he does, he does it with gusto (even if we don't want him to;). Nothing is out of bounds for him, Don caught him putting his foot into the sink tonight because it was dirty (mind you he climbed up the bathroom sink to get there). He is my daredevil.
Some days I just look at Alex and Zack and wonder what the future will bring. Adoption will give us a lifetime of surprises and I am thinking that Alex will be full of them.