Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Christmas is coming!

Holiday season is in full swing and so far we have enjoyed the Christmas parade, Christmas tree hunting, and visiting Holiday Lights.  We loved watching Zachary earn his white and yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do.  I have watched Zack in class, but you can't hear anything with the door shut.  His teacher, Master Lee, is such an incredible teacher.  You could see how the kids responded to him as he praised, taught, and congratulated them.  I am so glad that Zack wanted to join as I think it has done great things for his confidence.

Today was our first snowday and we had a great day.  We all enjoyed time outside and had a rousing snowball fight, with both boys having incredibly good aim.  A small but quite adorable snowman was built (thanks Aunt Louise for the snowman kit all those years ago) and hot chocolate was enjoyed by all.  We ended the night with decorating a gingerbread train and making snickerdoodles; a relaxing day it was not:)  But, a very fun one none the less.
I love watching how Zack and Alex grow and change.  Alex is so taken by the wonder of the season and jumps with excitement at every commercial and Christmas special.  He races to every destination and copies everything that Zack does, telling me he's a big boy.  Zack on the other hand, has the swagger that I dare say he was born with.  He still love his Star Wars, but AC/DC is up there as well.  We are going to a school play next week where Zachary is the lead-Scrooge.  The British accent is alive and well in our home and Zack is practicing his lines like a pro.  Though he is cool 5th grader by day, I look forward to our bedtime ritual of Zack and I reading our bedtime books to Alex.  Special times.