Friday, February 22, 2008

Here are some more pictures of my handsome boys

The Boys are Back in Town

Hello all! Everyone in the Baldwin household is currently germ free (for a change) and trying to survive this miserable winter. Zachary is currently on winter break and we are enjoying a quiet week at home. School is going well for him and he continues to look forward to his weekly guitar lessons. Pretty soon we will have a rock star on our hands I'm sure. The Wii is a favorite game for us right now, and Zachary loves to beat his parents in some crazy racing game that I don't quite understand and as a result play very badly. Zachary continues to be a good big brother and I love to watch him take care of Alex.
Alex is doing very well and the pediatrician is very happy with his progress. He is growing by leaps and bounds and he still amazes me with the amount of food that he takes in. Climbing and Thomas the Tank Engine are currently Alex's favorite things to do, so needless to say baby proofing is a priority in our home. Another favorite past time is giving Zachary surprise hug and kiss attacks, spontaneously jumping on him in an effort to spread the love:)
I love to watch Alex and Zachary interact. I was initially concerned about the age difference between the boys, and whether or not they would have a close relationship. I shouldn't have worried because they are wonderful together. Alex looks at Zach like he is the sun, moon, and stars and Zachary is very patient with his little bro. They played Mega Blocks the other day and pretty soon the Matchboxes were having battles with Star Wars clone troopers. You have to love when that happens.