Monday, April 30, 2007

(Cue the music) We're leaving on a jet plane!

We are definitely leaving on the 8th of May! It is a night flight, so we won't be in country until Wednesday night. We will land in Karaganda on Thursday night and will go to the orphanage for the first time on Friday. Say a little prayer that things go smoothly, it's bound to at some point in time right? We won't be emailing right away, so my mom will be posting how things are going . Adios!


Barb said...

Yeah! We have all been waiting so long for this to happen. I am praying for a smooth trip and can't wait to hear what Zach has to say about Kaz and his new brother or sister.

Aunt TT said...

I miss all of you already. Weasel, who am I going to give all my lipstick kisses to?? My girls are going to miss all of you terribly as well. Corey, on the other hand, will miss the card games with Dad and Don, but will relish the missing phone calls from my sissy. In addition, I'm picturing him mowing Mom and Dad's lawn daily in order to get a little peace and quiet away from our noisy house:o)
I'm so glad the time has finally come for all of you to make this trip. I anxiously await news on my new niece or nephew. My big sister advice to you on this trip is the same advice I gave you for your Zach trip---"Make a good choice!!"
Love all of you oodles!!

Aunt Louise said...

It's Monday, May 7th and you're all packed to go! Hooray for all of you and God Bless. I will eagerly await the updates as you make this fantastic journey. I know Zach will have so much to tell everyone when he returns. Of course, the most exciting part is meeting his new sibling!!! Love to you all and come back soon. Love, Aunt Louise

Barb said...

You left an hour ago and I miss you all already! I will be much happier after you arrive safely. Then before long I will know if we have a new grandson or a granddaughter. God speed.

Anonymous said...

We are so excited and happy for you all. We are praying for a safe trip to and fro. Thank you for keeping us up to date!!

Love, Kimberly, Chris and Darby

connally said...

You are still in the air and I hope Sparky is sleeping, Don and the Big Guy are playing cards, and Michelle has a drink in her hand and a smile on face.
MIss you already