Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Last Days of Summer

Going for a ride at The Great Escape

In Baltimore. How do we always find a firehouse wherever we go?

Our Boys

The Baldwins at Baltimore's Inner Harbor

Spending time with Mom

Alex enjoyed his first trip to Great Escape. Everyone had a great time, especially since Zach was finally at the right height for all of the roller coasters. He was an awesome brother though, and rode the little kid rides with Alex as well.

We spent our last week of vacation going to Baltimore, Maryland and had a wonderful time. Unfortunately Alex got his first black eye falling on a toy two days before we left so he had a big shiner for the trip. Zachary and Alex had a great time going to the science and children's museum; I think we spent five hours at one museum as it was so much fun. The aquarium was great but they have a no stroller rule so we spent our time running after Alex and were exhausted at the end of the day. Don and Zachary went to their Yankee vs Oriole game and were actually able to see another one the next night as well. It was amazing, after the Yankees left town it was like they took half of the city's population with them. We found a great Russian store and Don was very patient as I bought a bunch of items for the boys. Of course we seem to find fire houses wherever we go and Zach somehow convinced the Baltimore firefighters to let him put their gear on and sit in their truck. My little man:) Alex was in a continual state of excitement due to seeing so many boats. For Zach it was trucks, for Alex, boats all the way.

Soon is was time for Zach and I to get ready for school. He got through the first few days and described it as,"awesome." He seems to like his teacher and has some buddies in his class.

Alex returned to daycare and settled in after having the summer off without missing a beat. He has enjoyed playing with his friends and cousin Emily, and we are getting wonderful reports. Zach's first day of school pics will be posted soon. Toodles!

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Barb said...

I love seeing pictures of all of you having family fun time. I'm so glad Zach got to see the Yankees in action, not that it made Papa happy:~) Thanks for sharing my boys on your blog with us. I look for entries every day.
Love ya,
Nana to five