Sunday, April 12, 2009

An Update That Is Far Overdue

Enjoying A Night At Home

Time to Decorate The Eggs!

Zachary Making The Perfect Egg

The Boys At The Batting Cages

How I Love My Boys

Ok, I know that I have been reaaaalllllyyyy bad about keeping this updated in the last few months. I am trying to be the dutiful daughter/mother and fill these four posts with what our lives have been like since Christmas and our trip to Disney. We settled into the new year and life continued as usual. The boys have grown and changed so much over the past year. It is amazing how quickly it all goes.
Zachary is wonderful, maddening, and as funny as usual. He is doing so well in school this year, getting great grades and still loving Star Wars. Somehow he has Don and I, his grandparents, and Uncle Corey looking for the latest and most valuable action figure. I would just love the money that represents all of those figures; the money that we spend on those we love;) Baseball has started and all of the craziness that comes with it. Zach is excited, and though we again are not the Yankees, Don thinks that they have a good team this year.
Alexander is getting so big and his language has really taken off. He talks so much, and loves that he can get his wants ands needs across to us. Alex asks to play with friends and family daily, also wanting firehouse visits as it seems that he has gotten "the bug". We have gone to the firehouse to play nerf guns and Alex is hiding around corners and making Marines proud everywhere. Sports balls are a favorite of Alex's and he constantly wants to be outside to play basketball and baseball; he is so cute trying to imitate his brother.
Easter has just come and the boys had a great day. Alex "got it" and followed Zach like a puppuy, looking for eggs. "No ho ho, bunny, mommy," was what I heard this morning. ALex LOVED the candy and pretty much went on a healthy food strike for the day. We went to my sister's for brunch and then to Don's grandmother's, and the boys had a ball playing with all of their cousins. I hope you enjoyed the update!


Barb and Ken said...

Shelley, your latest update is filled with awesome pictures of my four favorite people. I just can not get enough of them. I will never get over the wonder of them. Each and every one of them warm my heart.
Nana to five

Anonymous said...

I loved catching up on your blogs this will be great memories for the boys. It was fun seeing them on Easter. They are so fun to watch. Alex is an adorable little monkey. Love Aunt Nancy