Sunday, December 02, 2007

Another Day of Firsts

Thanksgiving has come and gone; leaving us thankful and sick as well. It was a wonderful day for us to enjoy each other and be thankful that our family found each other. We all had a good day though Alex got sick that night. It's unfortunate that Alex seems ill frequently like Zach was in his first year home, though I know it will get better as he build antibodies.
Alex is doing so well. He loves going to day care and Emily is there to make sure that everyone is nice to her cousin. Of couse they all love Alex, he smiles and they are putty in his hands;) Alex looks at Zach like he is the sun, moon, and stars all rolled into one. It's so neat to see him run after Zach and try to imitate something that he has done or said. Zach continues to be Zach and makes me laugh daily with his imagination and sense of humor. He loves taking his guitar lessons and has given us many concerts (who knew there were so many variations of Mary Had a Little Lamb).
Now the Christmas season is upon us and we look forward to showing Alex the wonder and craziness of it all.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures I love seeing how big Alex's is getting He sure will be fun this Christmas. I couldn't believe how much he filled out. He was so much fun to watch at Thanksgiving. I can't wait to see him at Gram's on Christmas. All my love aunt Nancy