Sunday, December 16, 2007

Our Stars

The boys are enjoying the holiday season and all that it entails. Zachary was so excited to get our tree with Alex this year, and loved climbing on the trucks at the Boght Road Firehouse. His Santa list gets longer by the day, and he was very sweet finding items in the Sunday papers to buy for loved ones. Zach's guitar lessons are going very well and he has added Jingle Bells to his growing song list. Last week we went to Zachary's first night time Christmas concert and it was wonderful. His group sang so well and Zachary seemed like he had a great time performing for the crowd. Though he was nervous, Zachary is definitely not shy;) Zachary was also named Star of the Week. We are all very excited about this and are happy that he is putting such effort into school.

Alex continues to thrive and seems unfazed by all of the holiday craziness. He is growing by leaps and bounds and thankfully we are almost up to date with all of his shots. The poor little guy is getting 4-5 shots a doctor visit! Alex's vocabulary is growing and the pediatrician reports that his speech is advanced for his age. Not bad for a boy who never heard English before May!


Tammy said...

Awe, the boys all look adorable.
But, HELLOOOO where's MOM??!!

Barb said...

The Baldwin boys look great together. But I agree with Tammy, we need a picture with Mom. I know you all had a wonderful Christmas and now will have a Happy New Year with your two wonderful sons!