Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fourth of July (2 of 2)

The boys had a great time in Cooperstown over the fourth of July weekend. Alex got to ride a pony and seemed to love it. We enjoyed the Baseball Hall of Fame and spending time with Don's family. Zach had a ball fishing and even caught five fish! The boys played ball with Daddy and spent some quality family time around the campfire. Don't you love the picture of Zach in the stroller? I always tell him that he'll always be my baby. He just proved it:)

We had more to celebrate on the 4th as it was one year from the the day that Don got Alex in Almaty. It seems so hard to believe that Alex has been our son for a whole year. I look at the blog from last year and see how little Alex was, and then see what a big boy he is now. Alex is a fun loving, giggly, spirited boy (my work is cut out for me, as has a temper), who has a great sense of adventure. He will do anything that Zachary does, and then look to Zach to see if he approves. I was listening to them play on my bed the other day and they laughed and giggled for an hour. Yes, there is quite an age difference between the two, but there is also a lot of love. One of Alex's favorite things to do is to crawl on top of Zach when he is laying down. Once he's on top, he sticks his thumb in his mouth and all is right with the world. Zach gets his hair pulled the whole time this happens but he takes it like a man and I think that he loves the fact that Alex finds such comfort in being close to him.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you guys had a fun time. I can't believe it's a year already that Alex joined the family. he is fun to watch playing and has such a great smile. It's so nice that Zach has taken on the big brother role. We did miss having you all for the 4th we had a great day. All my love Aunt Nancy

Barb said...

I am enjoying watching Alex and Zach grow closer as brothers. At first Alex was a baby and Zach was not vey impressed with him. Now they are buddies, doing things together. Glad you all had a great time over July 4th weekend. Always nice to spend time with family.
Nana to five