Friday, July 25, 2008

Making Money and Hiding Out

Zachary has set up shop! If anyone is in our area in August, Zack's Place will be open. He and his father bought candy to sell to neighborhood kids and we had a family meeting to determine price, profit margin, and to decide what will be done with the profits. I am proud to say that Zachary will be donating a portion of these profits to a children's charity or to Malutka Baby Home in Karaganda. He is very excited about the "store" and was so happy when he got his first customer.

Alex and Zach continue to make us laugh every day. You have to love those disguises:) Our days have been fun, tiring, and exhausting all rolled into one. Now we are getting ready to vacation at the ocean and Zachary seems to be bringing everything but the kitchen sink. We all can't wait to play in the ocean and relax around the campfire.

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Barb said...

My two boys continue to make me laugh. They bring so much happiness to my life. I love all the pictures. You can see little brother follows right along with big brother. I also love the picture of Emily and Alex in the car. Papa and I are anxious to start vacationing at the ocean with our family - especially our wonderful grandchildren. It will be great fun:~)
Nana to five