Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dirt and Blue Uniforms

My boys are growing up:)  Zachary received his blue uniform in Tae Kwon Do due to his committent and work ethic in class.  He was soooo excited and the cheesy grin says it all.  The boys have been so excited to play outside, and the pictures of Alex are from some great fire truck playing in the driveway.  What was funny was that he dragged dirt onto the driveway to use instead of playing in the sandbox.  Pretreat!
This spring also brings some great presentations by the adoption group that I belong to, Adoptive Families of the Capital Region.  Upcoming events include pesentations on ADHD and Adoption, Prospective Parents Group, and International Children's Day, besides playgroups and other weekend activities.  It is such a great resource for parents who have children that were adopted or are thinking of it as a way to form a future family.  I love that if I have adoption questions or just need to vent, I have a great group of friends to talk to.  My boys love going to the family events, and I am glad that the kids will have each other as they grow up and deal with the cirumstances of their adoption.  The link to our group is on the right, feel free to check us out!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures. can't wait for Spring. I miss the boys... Aunt ginny

Nana and Papa said...

Congratulations, Zack. But, OMG, that hair has to GO. Please, for Nana? Alex, you are a little monkey with that cheezy grin. I love pictures of you guys hugging and rough housing. I miss you lots and am glad to be going home next week. Can't wait to see you. Get ready for lots and lots of xxx's and ooo's!
Hugs and kisses,
Nana to five

Anonymous said...

I love seeing their progress but hate that they are growing up way too fast. Kep up the good work you are raising great kids Love Auny Nancy

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

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