Thursday, March 04, 2010

Master Lee Rocks!

Zachary passed his Tae Kwon Do belt test with flying colors!  Zachary tested for his yellow belt tonight and did a great job!!!!!!!  For an hour and half we watched as the infamous Master Lee (that's for you Christine;) put Zachary through his patterns and sparring.  He was so focused and loved every minute of it, especially when Master Lee gave him compliments as the testing progressed.  At the end of he testing Master Lee told me how awesome Zack is and how focused he is in class.  He loves it, and we are so proud of his dedication.
Alex is Alex and could not wait to try the moves when the test was over.  He is loving his big boy status and is rocking the big boy undies, telling all of Zack's friends of his new "attire".  Luckily, Zack has great friends and they all have congratulated  him.  To cute:)

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Nana and Papa said...

Zack, I am so happy for you. You always put your all into everything you do, and it shows. You are a high achiever now and I know will be the rest of your life. The sky is the limit for you, Zack!
Hugs and kisses,
Nana to five