Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Don has our boy!

Don called! Everyone is great, just a little tired. Don was reunited with a sleeping Alex at 1:00 am, and our baby boy had a great night sleep. When he called, Lola had just left with paperwork to be filed at the embassy, and Don was getting ready to feed Alex a snack. Alex is crawling all over the place, but still no teeth in sight. He didn't make a peep when Don put him on the phone, but boy did he yell when Don finished feeding him:) Don seems much more relaxed now, and I dare say happy. Their embassy appointment is on Friday afternoon and we should know that night if they can come home a day early. :)


Anonymous said...

I got up this morning and read your blog and cried. I couldn't be more happy for all of you. Don, we are all so proud of you for going through what you just went through, but he was all worth it. Once I read you had him, I cried. Can't wait for you and Alex to be home safe and sound. Love, Connie

Nana and Papa said...

Finally, our boy is with his family. In just a few days he will be home with Mom and big brother Zach. Yesterday was the longest day, waiting to hear if Dad had his son. But all is well now. I can't wait to meet my newest grandson, and begin spoiling and loving him.