Tuesday, July 03, 2007

When it rains it pours!

Zachary's adoption was so easy that I guess we were due for a rough haul from beginning to end with Alex's. Don's flight was delayed three hours in JFK so he missed his connecting flight in Frankfurt. On top of that, the airline lost his luggage. The airline shuttled him to a hotel and he got a hot meal and is hopefully now sleeping for a while. In the meantime I have logged in countless hours with the airline, agency and pretty much anyone I could get information from. Don will leave Germany around 7:05 am our time on the 4th and should be in Almaty in the afternoon. Arrangements have been made regarding childcare for Alex until Don gets there. Hopefully this should not delay the appointment or them getting home. Please say a prayer for them, I think they could use all they can get.

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Barb said...

Your journey to Alex will be remembered forever. Any thing that could go wrong, did go wrong. But the end result is what you will really remember - Alex got home! God speed to Don and Alex.