Thursday, July 05, 2007

They found the mother ship!

Dunkin Donuts! Though it doesn't taste the same, Don was in heaven. Alex slept well last night and seems to like the formula and baby food that I packed for Don. You can hear in his voice that Don is enjoying himself with Alex, and is getting lots of cuddle time in. Alex is crawling everywhere, and smiled when Zach talked to him on the phone. They are all hanging out, waiting until their embassy appointment tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed that it goes well.


Barb said...

I am so hppy that Alex is finally with his Dad. It has been a long haul, but what a great ending. Or should I say beginning? The time can't pass quickly enough for me till Alex comes home. God speed.

Anonymous said...

Thank the Lord it is almost over.
I can't wait to see our BOY...
Alex is a very lucky guy to have such devoted family and parents.
See you soon little angel.

Aunt Ginny Uncle Tim

TT said...

Well Sister, what do you say we go for one more each? Hee hee ha ha!! Just kidding of course. Now that all of our babies will be home, I'm looking forward to the status quo.
I'm grateful that we've been able to share creating our families via adoption with you and the Donald. I'm certain over the years there have been people who found it sad that both you and I wouldn't have biological children. On the contrary, it's been an incredible journey and continues to be on a daily basis. Together we're able to celebrate the birth heritage of our children, talk through the joys and sorrows that may arise and share the journey of an adoptive family with our parents, in-laws and extended families. We've always shared so much that I think this was God's plan for us and our delightful husbands. Although I would have expected Connie to be in my "delivery room", I can't believe Dad beat Mom and I to yours!!
We're so happy that Alex will soon be coming home and we are so excited about sharing in his life. Well, Em may not be excited yet but I'm certain she will be.....eventually:) I look forward to reading him books and tucking him in with you, as I did with my Weasel.
Love to all of you,
TT, Uncle Corey, Kara Michelle and Emily Xian