Sunday, July 08, 2007

Alex is home! Corey pulled in with my boys this afternoon and we had a wonderful reunion. However I do know how celebrities feel in regards to the papperazzi:) Alex was great and kept up with all of the commotion. He looks great, though even my Irish skin looks tan next to him! After everyone left he had a bottle and fell asleep fairly well. Let's see if it lasts all night, but we'll take it as it comes. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Alex's homecoming, we are touched that you wanted to share such a special day with us.


Anonymous said...

Thank YOU for allowing us to share in such a special moment in your life. He is absolutely gorgeous. It is wonderful to have him home. We look forward to watching him grow surrounded by your loving family. Love, Connie

Anonymous said...

Michelle and Family
How wonderful to have your entire family under one roof! I hope I get to meet him soon.. perhaps at a playgroup??
Enjoy having a baby in the house again!
Kim Penman