Sunday, May 20, 2007


No orphanage today so we decided to do some shopping. We walked to the 3 story mall, hit the mall across the street from it and another strip mall on the way home. We found some great stuff that was Kazak, Russian, as well as Chinese. The adults looked for ethnic treasures to bring home, Zach’s priority; police cars and fire trucks. Some things never change. Don bought us some food from a kiosk outside of our apartment. It was a popover and though I think it had pork in it; it was very good. After that Don and I crashed while Pops tackled Zach and the schoolwork. It was a struggle, but Pops was victorious! After we got up we went to the mall above the grocery store that’s two blocks from the house and then came back home. Not too much to do, but it was a full day.
I just wanted to give you a little insight on how different prices are here for some things. Some of these prices are crazy! $67 for 1.5 pounds of scallops. $38 for 5 pounds of French Fries. $44 for 1.5 pounds of shrimp. $10 for all four of us to eat at the café. $80 for a regular Barbie, $67 for a 5 inch Brat doll. $18 for all of us to eat at a nice café.
Have a great day and enjoy some Dunkin Donuts coffee on us!


Anonymous said...

Michelle, That was very interesting. I know how you feel about missing our food. You don't realize how dependent you are on it. It is nice to put a visual on where you are staying. Hope all is well. We miss you. Love, Connie

Tammy said...

Hello everyone,
I love your pictures..keep sending them. Holy cow on the prices!!! Amazing. Your little guys are too cute!!! Give them both hugs and kisses. I will do as you say..if I must....I will head to DD for you and have a big one! LOL.
Take care,

Wes said...

I am enjoying the commentary on your time abroad. So much for you to absorb; the person Alex is, the romance of a new place and culture, the odd kaliedoscopic comparisons between our lives and theirs. Enjoy your time there, but come home soon...Uncle Wes

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nice day ...even though you didn't get to visit Alex :(

I love the cost a mint but a meal for 4 at a nice cafe is realtively cheap - since Scott, Sam and I like to dine out, we could handle that :) Hope tomorrow brings a joyous, bonding family visit at the orphanage!!!!