Saturday, May 19, 2007

My son looks like Big Bird

We had really good visits with Alex today, and found out that one of his caretakers was also Zach’s caretaker. Dad grabbed the photos of Zach (which I just happened to bring with us) from 2000, and the two women were so excited to learn who he was. They looked at the photos and Zach and talked a blue streak; unfortunately it was all in Russian. They asked me if I was a doctor and where we lived. When I told them New York, they were surprised to see the photos of where we live now; I think she expected to see NYC. They also asked me what Alex’s name was, and were clearly happy to learn it was a Russian name, saying it was beautiful. We do seem to be blessed with good caretakers. They want to know about us, and make an effort to call me by my name. They even asked if Dad was my Papa or Don’s. We will go in with Olga another day soon to talk to her about both of the boys. Enjoy the pictures, and have a steak on us!


Nana and Papa said...

Shelley, they are caregivers, not caretakers! You look so happy in all the pictures. I bet you say now that Alex was worth the long wait!! God speed.
Love ya lots,

Unknown said...

Thanks Barb. I have thought that all along but you know Michelle.
caretaker; a person who is in charge of the maintenance of a building, estate, etc.; superintendent.