Sunday, May 27, 2007

Zach found the mother ship!

Today we shopped until we dropped (literally, we just got up from a nap). We got Alex clothes for when he will be escorted to Almaty later in the month, and little Kazak goodies for the boys. It was hysterical watching us try to estimate his current size, when nothing he wears ever has a tag on it. Dad pantomimed to the clerk, and we found most of what we needed.
Finding traditional Kazak items is not as easy now as it was when we were here for Zach. We have done a lot of searching and we definitely walked a few miles today looking for just the right thing. The stores we went to today we have been at before so I'm sure they loved seeing us again, knowing that we would be spending more money.
Before we did all that however, we found the local firehouse and Zach was in love. The trucks are at least 50 years old and the equipment was just as out of date. Their ladder truck was a tow truck with a ladder welded on. Boy you guys in Waterford are lucky to have the equipment that you do. Have a great day, and have a nice hot pizza and wings on us!

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