Monday, May 28, 2007

The end is near

We got our schedule for the next few days and are we going to be busy! Larissa will be here later to take some of the gifts we bought, and then we are off to the Ministry of Education to answer some questions. There will be no afteroon visit with Alex due to the appointment so we will shop for the rest of things we need for his trip to Almaty. Tomorrow we meet Larissa to go to the notary and have our usual two visits with our boy. Olga will be coming out to dinner with us on Tuesday night. We are happy to say thank you for all she has done for us. On Wednesay we go to court at 9am and then to the orphanage for a party with the doctors. We can get a little time in with Alex in the morning and then have our normal afternoon visit as well. Thursday we go see Alex twice and then we leave for the airport at 7:30. Whew! I am tired already.
Say a prayer it all goes smoothly, we are so close we can taste it.


Anonymous said...

You are always in our prayers. It has been a life changing, memorable trip for all of you. Keep the faith. Have a safe trip home. Alex is worth everything you have and will go through. Keep smiling. Love, Connie

Nana and Papa said...

Soon Alex will be yours. I thank God every day that He brought him to you. You are both such special people to have gone through all you have to be parents to 2 such beautiful, wonderful children. I am so proud of you. God speed.