Thursday, May 24, 2007

A spit free day!

I cannot believe I’m saying this, but we had a spit free day with Alex. Not one spit up, it was pure heaven. He was so excited to see us when we went into his room this morning that he giggled and smiled for about 10 minutes. One of Alex’s caregivers looked at me and in her own way asked it Zach was from the orphanage as well. When I said yes, she got so excited and kept touching his head and repeating his birthname. She was Zachary’s caregiver as well! We are going to sit down with her and Olga so we can talk more about the boys. Alex was very mobile this morning, and Zach kept him laughing. It was a really nice day with the boys.
For dinner we went to Assorti with Beth and Phil and had a nice time. There was a woman there who spoke English, and she helped us pick out the food. Don even had a piece of cheesecake!
Soon we will be leaving so I’m beginning to make my infamous lists to see what I need to get Alex before we go. We need to keep him the diaper style that he has become accustomed toJ Have a great day, and enjoy some Dunkin Donut’s coffee for us (I know I already mentioned that one, but I really miss it)


Nana and Papa said...

It is so great that Zach and Alex come from the same baby home and have some of the same caregivers. It will mean a lot to them in the years to come. Soon you will be coming home and the countdown to bring Alex home will begin. I love and miss all of you.

Anonymous said...

She forgot to say "Godspeed."


Tammy said...

That is so neet that they had some of the same caregivers. She must have been thrilled to see Zach.
Take care and if I didn't say it before...I LOVE this whole blog thing!!

Nana and Papa said...

tt, it's not nice to make fun of Mommy GOD SPEED.
Love ya (you too, tt)