Saturday, May 26, 2007

It's laundry day!

Yesterday the cleaning lady washed all of our sheets, and Don washed every towel. In theory that sounds good, but now we have all it hanging off of the drying rack as well as every door (and we have a lot of them). They did not dry as quickly as we had hoped, so we had some pretty small towels this morning to dry off with. I love my husbandJ
Everyone had great visit with Alex today, and got some pictures of him with his caregivers. Don also fed Alex for the first time and for a man who loves to give me advice, he was pretty slow himself. Alex crawled everywhere today, and when he got tired he got on his back and waved his legs like a beached turtle. He had shoes on for the first time, and they lasted for all of 10 minutes before Alex got them off of his little tootsies. Have a great day, and have some mini hot dogs on us!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures from today!! I love all of them. Not so many tomorrow please since I have to post them:)
Love, TT

Anonymous said...

We love all of the pictures and notes you've been writing. The photo's are precious and allow us all to fall in love with Alex. He sure is a cute little guy! Enjoy your last few days.
Jen, Mike, and Ryan

Tammy said... I take it there is no dryer! How's the weather there? Today it was pretty hot.
I see you have a picture of Don feeding Alex...would this be for blackmail...for when he picks on you?! LOL
Take care and can't wait till you all are home.