Monday, May 28, 2007

A successful day!

We had a successful trip to the ministry and the mall! Larissa recommended that all of us go, so Pops and Zach took a trip with us to the Ministry of Education. We went into a large office, and four people asked us questions about our lives, specifically Zach for about 10 minutes. Even Pops and Zach were asked questions. We were a tad bit nervous before hand because Larissa said that the press would be there. They want to do an article on America and international adoption. Thankfully they didn’t show up or if they did we didn’t know about it. The last thing we want is a picture of us in the paper; that would not really help us to blend in. We also bought the rest of Alex’s clothes and just have to get the diapers tomorrow. It looks like Pops and Zach are also going to court with us, which has Zach kind of freaked out. Now it’s really under the wire, so have a cold one on us (but not if you’re driving or under 21).

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Anonymous said...

While we're here enjoying our Memorial Day with great weather, you are all sweating out the bureaucracy. Well, somebody's got to do it! I pray that all goes well and that your return home will be healthy and safe. Before you know it, Alex will be home with us.
By the way, I've had pizza, Gus's hot dogs, cold beer, etc. on your behalf. You do know that when you say to have these things 'on us', that means you pay? Just in case, I won't give you a bill. Maybe I enjoyed all that stuff too much. Take care.
Love, Aunt Louise