Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm a big boy!!


The Schmitt-Schilds said...

Sounds like you are having a good trip and that your family is now complete. I have tried to post before with no luck. Went to a picnic at the Penmans on Saturday and they asked if you'd still be there when we arrive.

We leave this Sun June 3 and will arrive at Malytka on Wed June 6 I think. Will you still be there?

Colleen and Chris in Clifton Park-met you a year ago March at AFCR-we were the only couple who came to prospective parents night. We are now on our 2nd adoption to Malytka!

Anonymous said...

I tried to call but I didn't get an answer. I hope you where out celebrating!!

I couldn't call back because I had to leave the office.
Please give the boys a big hug and kiss for me!!
Warm regards,

Tammy said...

Oh Alex you are TOO CUTE for words!!
Sending you great big hugs!!