Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Anatoli's got new wheels!

Our drive Anatoli showed up this morning to get us with a new to him car. We got in and he was beaming, saying, “New car! New car!” I will have Mom post a picture of Anatoli when I get a chance. He has been very nice to Zach. Every time we see the driver Zachary says hello and goodbye in Russian. Anatoli laughs and says it back. Today Zach drew a picture for him and he seemed very appreciative, which Zach of course ate up.
It was Wednesday night so of course we had to go bowling! It was a little painful getting the shoes, and they gave Zach slippers to use. We were all horrible but had a great time getting out of the apartment.
Alex was great as usual. Besides the spit up that Dad mentioned earlier, it was a great visit. He was up on his feet a lot, and army crawled every time he saw Zach building something with the blocks. All too soon it was time to bring him back, and had an even better visit in the afternoon. He was very cuddly, and we all lapped it up. Zach even gave him pony rides around the room.
Tomorrow there are 9 days left, and while we are happy, we are so sad to leave Alex, even though it’s only for a short time. He does have some wonderful caregivers, so we know he will be well taken care of.
Have a great day, and please enjoy an eight pack of chicken nuggets on us(you can guess who thought of that one).

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Anonymous said...

Shell-Remember the Mizpah coins Corey and I wore when we were dating. "The Lord watch between me and thee when we are absent one from another." We'll get ready for Alex and his caregivers and God will watch over him.
Love you oodles,