Thursday, May 17, 2007

We found it!

Today we went to see Alex, and I somehow got fired from his morning feeding but was hired for the afternoon one. Alex was smiley as usual, and everyone had fun giving him rides and making him laugh. He was trying to crawl more, and spent a lot of the second visit on the floor. Alex does this cute thing when he tired; he puts his thumb in his mouth and rubs his head at the same time. It’s a precursor to a whine, meaning pick me up please (of course he uses mannersJ). He is so smiley when he sees Zach, it’s adorable. Don worked with Zach on his school work today and felt the pain that I have. He wants to be doing fun things, and for Zach schoolwork just gets in the way.
We talked to Larissa today and she gave us a few new restaurants that we can try. Two of them even have English menus. One of the restaurants was Assorti, which we went to with Zach in 2000, we just couldn’t remember where it was. It was hysterical to learn that Assorti was right across the street from our apartment! We went there tonight, and Pops had French steak with cheese, Don and I had a chicken popover and Zach had crepes. It was really good, and we all left there saying we would be coming back. Have a T-bone steak on us!

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