Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Laugh and the whole world laughs at (oops) with you!

Today we have a really nice visit at the orphanage today. Zach and Pops stayed in the playroom when we went to go feed and get Alex. After a few minutes, Zach’s curiosity got the better of him and they joined us. Alex was so excited to see him that he got this huge smile on his face. After we took Alex from his room, Olga brought us down to Zachary’s old room (number 9) and he got to see where he spent the first year of his life. We could tell that it meant a lot to Zach, and I was excited for Pops to see as well.
We got more food at the grocery store, and were overjoyed to see Corona! For the bargain price of $14, we have a 6 pack chilling in our refrigerator. It’s the little pleasures people.
After dinner we went for a walk to the park, and no less than 11 groups of people openly laughed at Pops and Don because they were wearing shorts. The best was when two girls who looked no more than eight giggled hysterically when they saw us. It was over 80 degrees today and we still saw a couple people in winter coats. It is amazing how different cultures react to things. Have a great day, and Zach wants all of you (well not all) to have a 6 pack of chicken nuggets on us!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Folks! Sorry I haven't been to the blog since you got there. Alex looks so fantastic. It looks like bonding is going well. Zach is enjoying his brother and seeing his birthplace. "Pops", Don and you are also having such a good time with Alex and Zach.
I can only imagine how great that Corona tastes. Have you found limes or drinking it 'straight'? As for having Gus's hot dogs, that will be a hardship, but I can do it. Maybe Hot Dog Charlies instead? You can't get near Gus's as soon as the weather heats up.
Much love to all of you! I hope the rest of your stay goes as well as it seems to be going so far.
Love, Aunt Louise