Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Let's Bowl!

We had a great day in Karaganda today! We had great visits with Alex, Zach even let Alex ride him around the playroom. Alex is mesmerized with Zach, he just loves to watch him and gets a big smile whenever Zach talks to him. Alex ate bananas with us today (a first besides porridge) and he loved it. Miraculously there was no spitting up.
Tonight we went to the café for dinner with Beth and Phil, and Zach ate 6 pieces of pizza! He must have had a hollow leg, because he is not like that at home. After dinner we went bowling and it looked much different than last time. There are lights everywhere, it looks like the bowlers club in Latham. We got shoes (and socks) from the place, and Pops came out the winner for our family. Zach had a ball, and danced to the hip hop music.


TT and the family said...

Hi Family,
We're so glad you're having such a good time. I can't believe how much less stressful it is on our end knowing that you're all doing well. Having Dada with you helps as well. Mom's become a social butterfly and is probably going to go thru withdrawal when Dad gets home. We miss all of you but it makes us all warm and fuzzy to know you're spending so much quality time together and especially with Alex. Maybe it's because I'm a mom now (and I wasn't when you traveled for the Weasel--not to mention I was traumatized over being seperated from you for so long), but I look at Alex's picture and I ache to hold him. I just can't wait to expand the relationship I have with Zachary to include Alex)I'm not wishing away your time there but will be happy to see you all. Enough mush from me.
Miss you and love you!!

Anonymous said...

What great pictures. It makes us all feel like we are a little bit a part of your great adventure. Everyone looks healthy and happy which makes us all feel a whole lot better. Your mom is doing fine. Give Alex a hug from me and tell Zach the pool should be open when you get home. Love, Connie