Friday, May 18, 2007

Thank God it's Friday

I actually had to think about what day it was for about 10 minutes today. They all run in together and the feeling is “another day down”, not “it’s almost Friday”. We had two great visits with Alex today. Pops bought Alex a new teether and he loved it. It was much better than chewing on every toy possible. Alex was so enamored with Zach that he had a hard time finishing his lunch. Alex just kept smiling and laughing at Zach. We left early again today for the cleaning lady, and got back to the apartment to find too many wet things and not enough space to dry everything. Needless to say we have sheets hanging off of doors and pants hanging wet in our closetsJ Have a great day and enjoy Testos meal on us!


Anonymous said...

Hello Family,
Can't help with Testos but we are going to Pizzeria Uno. I'm driving Miss Daisies (Mom and Connie:) to the movies. If the rug install is complete, Corey may be dining on gourmet Friendly's with the girls.
Love ya oooodles,
The TTster

Nana and Papa said...

The social butterfly here is going out again tonight. Movies and Pizzeria Uno. Tomorrow afternoon is planned too. I think I have one day next week to pencil in. Hey, whatever makes the time till you all come home pass quickly. Sounds like Zach and Alex will be close brothers, even with the age difference. I'm waiting for today's pictures so I can upload them to the blog. I love and miss you all. God speed.
Mom (Nana)

Sue said...

Well we didn't have Italian tonight, but we had Chinese. Went out to dinner with Steve and Celeste, came home and set up big screen house for garage sale tomorrow, Alex is as cute as a button and he really seems to love his big brother. Can't wait to see you all.

Love Mom and Dad