Sunday, May 13, 2007

Don in Living Room


nanapepa said...

I love seeing the pics and hearing about all you do there. When will you be able to keep the baby with you? I like how they let the baby have a slow adjustment to his new family. You all look so happy. Love Aunt Nancy

TT said...

I love his name and am sooooo thankful to Don it wasn't a few of the others that Shell liked (love you sissy). Have you realized his initals are APB--as in all points bullitin? Zach will love that!!
Please kiss Zach and Alex for the Films:)
Love to all of you,
TT, Uncle Corey, Kara and Emily

Melissa said...

Hello Don, Michelle, Zach and Alexander Peter. I loved reading your journal, it's so cool to hear about your daily adventures...I laughed and I cried. We spent the day at Holly & Scott's, everybody sends their love, hugs & kisses.

Happy Mothers Day Michelle, what a special day for you!!!!

Love, Melissa

tom.hines said...

Love you guys!!! You all look so happy, what a gift for Mother's Day. Quite a little brother, you have there, Zach. Have a fantastic day. Love Uncle Tom, Aunt Sara, and Justin.

TT said...

I wasn't done talking to Shell when you hung up!! But I was falling asleep when you were talking to Corey so I forgive you.
Love, TT