Sunday, May 13, 2007

Zach in the Morning


TT said...

Oh my boy!! We're all missing you. You look so fuzzy and warm like you do when you wake up. Although this picture doesn't depict your generally "sweet" morning demeanor. I love you buddy and Kara tells me everyday that she misses her Zachary. I told her she's going to make me throw up:) We see you guys so often we're finding ourselves a bit lonely. But all of our extra "bonding" time with Barbie has been fun.
Hugs and Kisses to all you you--we love you!!
TT, Corey and the girls

TT said...

Happy Mother's Day sissy!!
Love you lots!!

connally said...

Hey Sparky, Hope your feeling better. You are such a trooper to do all that traveling with a fever. What do you think of Small Fry? You already look like you have been a big brother forever.
Miss you
the Connallys

Barb said...

Hi guys. I really enjoyed the new pictures. The baby is so cute and our Zach looks not so happy in the morning. Shelley, hope you had a great Mother's Day. I'll call again tomorrow!